World Music Exhibition case.3 19th May 2018

"World Music Exhibition" is concept live exhibition of world music. This is mix genre concert that representative of the world and many genre will get together.

Let's make Sapporo the capital of music!

19th Saturday,May,2018

open 17:30  start 18:00  party time 22:10  close 23:00

Venue  live house STARLIGHT

3F, Shevell 24, 3-6, west 4 chome, north 24, kita-ku, Sapporo city ※Nearing subway station is 南北線北24条Nanboku line Kita-24jo


adv ¥2,000 door ¥2,500

Guests can enter or exit any time during the show. Please present ticket at the reception when re-enter.

If you reserve by the day before, you can enter at advance price.




Izakaya Umakawa Wataru

Horse sashimi Izakaya Umakawa Wataru Nearby the venue Izakaya in Kita24jo sell drink and food.


☆David SweetLow / American folk, Celtic, Irish music

David SweetLow is male singer-songwriter-guitarist and producer from England. His two songs has became million seller in England, Spain, and South Africa. He also wrote a song which features in the Hollywood movie.

He creates his owe world fusion of Celtic and Irish and American folk music.

☆theRANCH / Country band

They are a 4mans & support members Country Band is based Hokkaido.

They are very popular artist in Hokkaido gets 150 funs in their annual Christmas Live.

Shingo Ohno who was winner at the country music competition in America and played at live house "Wagon Burner" of Broadway as regular act will join theRANCH.

☆Delaina / Jazz singer song writer

Delaina isn't only Jazz singer but also acts on TV, radio. For example TV commercial model, TV commercial song, MC of Winter Asian Games, Announce in JR-Hokkaido.

She is singer-song-writer guitarist useing roop pedal like Ed Sheeran, and violinist from America.

☆Kanade Seto / Female Soul vocal

She finished recording in New Orleans and appear this concert again!

Kanade Seto is multi artist as singer-songwriter-guitarist, as vocalist of band, designer in Japan.

☆JUN / Female Country vocal

JUN is female singer-song-writer of Country pop, New Country in Japan.

Her 2nd single "Melody" was chosen to TV commercial song of Sapporo Smile by Sapporo sity promote planning.

Winner of All Hokkaido Non-pro battle 2016. She succesed concert at  PENNY LANE24 Sapporo.

☆YoshizawaYoshizawa / Latin, etc

They are siblings duo Brother Yoshizawa as drumer and Sister Yoshizawa as pianist in japan. They play in good coordination.

Sapporo City Jazz Park Jazz Live Contest 2017 finalist.

☆Rutchan / J-pop

She plays all times tihs concert In a row. The mascot girl of World Music Exhibition.

She is female Japanese kawii singer-songwriter-guitarist in Japan.

☆UnlieSky / Classical crossover

He is pop and classical crossover singer-songwriter. The identity is unknown, but as a pianist professional grade ability and has achievement.

This time he will play as an opening act, and the music of each genre that will subsequently appear with keyboard.

MJプロモーション -MJ Promotion-

アーティスト・芸能事業・企業プロモーション、企業案件キャスティング、販売促進 海外アーティストブッキング CD・MV制作受注 イベント代行・企画運営 楽曲・脚本提供、コピーライト、ステージ演出、イラスト・LINEスタンプ Artist promotion,Event planning, Entertaiment business, song writing, literary profession